No seams, no wires, no stress.

Are you in pain after wearing a bra all day? Your bra is trying to talk to you. When you get home, take special note before you walk in the door and rip off your bra of what's bugging you. Are you feeling the hook-and-eye closure in the back? Is it scratchy? Are you feeling the wire digging in? Has your strap been slipping all day? You know you're not comfortable, but sometimes you’re so busy you don't take the time to figure out how or why.

We took that time, and figured out a far more comfortable solution. We made Lacy Bra with a seamless cut for maximum comfort & centering support. Just smooth, cool comfort all day long. Surely that’s what you deserve?

It's like a luxury lift for your cleavage.

As you may know, women tend to focus on the size of a bra, but bra style and breast shape are also incredibly important. For instance, it's difficult to wear a full underwire around your breasts if your breasts point outwards.

Lacy Bra takes all of this into account. The bra gently reshapes and molds your breasts, giving you a perfect "pop." This means that even if you have sagging breasts you may now benefit from an instant boost and lift. You can finally reduce side breast and armpit fat too, with full, centralizing support.

So comfortable, it feels like a gentle breeze.

Inside our extra-elastic support system we've added soft, breathable fibres that are designed to keep you cool and dry all day long.

And we incorporated a front-closure system for extra convenience because - let's start with the obvious - it's just super easy to put on and take off. No more struggling to roate your bra around or reach behind you, which saves you precious time.

Extra cool for any season. Extra smooth for life.

We made Lacy Bra extra cool for summer, and super smooth to wear in any season. Manufactured with soft, breathable fabrics to keep you cool and dry while you do what you need to do. Better yet, we used that same flexible material to create a support system without any back hooks or wires.

The hook-and-eye closures in the back of a regular bra cause visible bumps through your clothing. This is another reason why a front-close bra can come in handy: giving you a perfectly smooth back.

  • The only bra that ticks every box: Comfortable AND beautiful.
  • 100% seamless smooth design. No wires, no pain.
  • Does not cause nasty bra lines, bumps, or bulges.
  • Reshape and reduce back fat like shapewear for your bust.
  • Front-closure padded design for lightness and convenience.
  • Soft, breathable fabric so you can stay cool and dry in any season.
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